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About Spanish Wells

The McIntosh family created Spanish Wells Plantation from a section of the Hilton Head Company’s acreage. Bordering Broad Creek, Calibogue Sound, and the Intracoastal Waterway, Spanish Wells Plantation is a private residential property covered in enormous centuries-old oaks and Spanish moss. Artesian wells (which force water to the surface by natural underground pressure instead of pumping mechanisms)have been known to exist in the area since 1790, and were previously used by the Spanish Armadas to refill their kegs upon first landing and between trips. Although Spanish Wells is one of the smaller communities on Hilton Head Island, over 200 homes spread across nearly 400 acres with plenty of space for privacy and sophisticated architecture. Spanish Wells is not along the beaches as are other local plantations, though it borders water, but within three miles or so one can find not only the sand and waves but gourmet supermarkets, an airport, a hospital, and plenty of shopping. Drive all the way down Spanish Wells Road, past houses and subdivisions, and the elaborate homes within are a surprise, appearing almost out of nowhere.

Spanish Wells History

Around the same time as Sea Pines Plantation, by 1961, the McIntosh family subdivided their share of the Hilton Head Company, 360 acres, to start what would become a small, close-knit community. Most of the first residents in this quiet waterfront area were either retired or approaching retirement age, in their mid-to-late 60s. In contrast to the hustle and bustle that conquered Sea Pines, the McIntoshes envisioned seclusion and spaciousness for their community. They chose to emphasize the land’s natural beauty in lieu of man-made attractions like other plantations. Within a few years, Spanish Wells welcomed families of all ages and soon children were riding bicycles throughout the neighborhood. Although there’s no security gate—and residents aren’t keen on having one—the crime rate in Spanish Wells is significantly lower than in other gated plantations, and the first stop sign wasn’t added until late fall of 2001. The opening of the Cross Island Parkway in 1998 eased access to the community and the neighborhood boomed with a trend toward large, sprawling estates. The McIntosh family kept ownership of the Spanish Wells land throughout the years, even through the Hilton Head Co.’s sale of Port Royal to the Port Royal Group in 1971. In 1973, two of the family members sold their shares to a third, John McIntosh.